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Trip 18: Music and Memories in Athens, GA

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My youngest sister sends me a link to a song at least once a week. Most of them speak to her state of mind or something our family is experiencing. Almost all of them I have never heard before but I look forward to getting them.

I appreciate a catchy beat or a well-written lyric but for as much as I love music, I’d be terrible at that game Shazaam. You know the one where they play a song and you have to give the title and artist? (My friend Annie and my neighbor Jill could seriously win a million dollars on that show!)

Music has gotten me through some of the best and worst times of my life. It heals my heartbreak, acts as a prayer, gives me hope, fires me up and sometimes it takes me back…. Like it did on trip 18 out 50 places I’ve never been the year I turn 50.

My friend Julie and I were supposed to go to Athens, Greece… but in the “COVID-changes-everything-for-2020” plan, we redirected and spent a weekend in Athens, Georgia. 

Athens is known for its music scene and while the COVID restrictions kept us from hearing any live music… we met some local musicians and townies who gave us the inside music scoop. Then we scoured town looking for landmarks from my favorite college band, R.E.M. Talk about taking me back…. All I have to do is hear one of their songs and I am right back on the campus of Ball State University.

I share the “college-me” picture in this video that recounts the adventure I had with my friend (I had a good reason for walking those railroad tracks). My friend, by the way, was celebrating her 50th birthday that weekend! 

Now, when I think of REM, I’ll think of my college days and how two 50-year-olds felt like young-ins for a weekend in Athens.

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