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Trip 19: My Mom Rocks

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My mom rocks. Ok, actually both my parents do. ( Heck, I named my daughter after my Dad!) But for this blog, I’m talking about my mom.

I’m 50 years old now and, so far, my mom has joined me on 2 of 50 trips to 50 places I’ve never been. The first was in Key West for my actual birthday with all my sisters. Most notably, this was the trip where my mom danced with a drunk guy with a balloon on his head

This time the trip was a little more chill. My sister, her husband and my nephew also joined us.

We went camping near Lake Lure at the Emberglow Outdoor Resort . It’s a newer campground in Mills Spring, NC. You can bring your own camper or stay in one of their vintage trailers, yurts or treehouses. We stayed in the family treehouse. And that’s why I want to talk about my mom. 

See, the house was equipped with a deck to ground slide and a rope net hammock in the ceiling. While I knew the kids would love those features, I had to laugh at how much my mom loved them. She dropped right into that ceiling hammock like a dead body being kicked into the river! LOL Not only did she go down the slide herself but she invited some passing kids, who were gawking at the slide, to go ahead and take their turn on it. She was thrilled when I posted it on my Instagram page LOL

Did I mention she’s 71? 71 years old and she’s still having fun, still traveling, still embracing adventure, still making people feel special… even, random passing kids! Now that’s #goals.

Truly, I am fortunate I actually like hanging out with my parents.. Watch the video and you’ll understand why.