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Trip 17: A reunion in Cape Cod

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The older I get the smaller my circle of friends becomes. At a certain point in life, you stop meeting as many people.. You no longer make time for the ones who haven’t earned the title… you get rid of the complainers, and the drama team cause ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ at this age. 

My circle is full of funny, creative, encouraging, compassionate,  fierce bad-ass types… the type of friends you don’t have to talk to every day to know they are in your corner. My trip to Cape Cod was a bit of a reunion of a few of those folks… now spread out across the country.  

It all started with four of us in a newsroom decades ago. First, as co-workers .. then, as friends. Over the years we’ve shared life’s biggest moments… marriage, divorce, childbirth. And when I announced my quest to visit 50 places I’ve never been the year I turned 50, these amazing women not only cheered me on, they showed up, because that’s what friends do.

Each of us brought our families for the long weekend…  throwing them into our mix of a special kind of loud and crazy. The house we stayed in was gorgeous! We joked that for the weekend we were going to pretend we were rich, skinny, and 30! 

It had been 20 years since we all got together so there was a lot to catch up on.. new projects and businesses, relationship changes, and kids.  We laughed at and with each other. We talked and cried. And drank lots and lots of wine.

It was easy, the way friendship should be.  

A hidden beach, whale watching, and lobster rolls were the icing on the cake of this magical weekend.  


The weekend came to an end faster than any of us wanted.

We all went back to our busy lives with a big smile on our face and a sense of contentment you don’t get every day. 

Thank you, friends.