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Trip 12: an ELEVATED trip to the beach

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A trip to the beach is a trip to the beach. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean that the stuff you go to one beach for is the same stuff you go to another beach for… The ocean breeze cools you off the same. The sand gets in places that it shouldn’t regardless of which beach it is. And there isn’t a beach with a bad sunset! 

So on this trip to Wrightsville Beach, I decided to elevate the experience. We stayed at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. Usually, I don’t spend a lot of money on hotels cause I’m not in the room much, but this was worth the splurge. The grounds really are beautiful and the food was excellent. Truth: I’d go back to eat there next time I’m at that beach (maybe when I visit my daughter at college)

The hotel has some cool amenities like yoga on the beach, paddle boarding and sailing. We took a sunset sailboat cruise and it was breathtaking. It was my daughter’s first time on a sailboat in the ocean. She loved it too. I mean, look at the view 

She loved helping out the crew… and that was just the beginning of upping our beach game that ended with a fire dancer. 

I have to say I could get used to the ELEVATED version of beach life. Not to mention, it’s super close to Wilmington which is totally worth a day trip while you are there!