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Trip 13: A discovery at Tybee Island

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Every place I go reveals a little more about me. One particular discovery became crystal clear on my trip to Tybee Island, GA. 

I’ve been to the beach more this year than any other year. Since COVID screwed up my planned itinerary for visiting 50 places I’ve never been the year I turn 50, I’ve been traveling much closer to home.  It’s resulted in more trips to the beach. I’ve lived in North Carolina for more than 20 years now and there are a lot of beaches I had never been to before like Ocean Isle and Wrightsville Beach.

This time I ventured a little farther South to Tybee Island Georgia.

It’s a favorite place of my sister Jennifer and my college roommate Nora. So I thought I’d check it out. I met my sister Rene down there and my friend Stacy and her daughter. I also brought my friend’s daughter Ava with us.  I had no problems finding all the reasons it’s a favorite. You can see them in this video…

The weather was hot. Like seriously 190 degrees. O.K. not literally but I’m telling you it felt that way. Is the beach always that hot? Was it because there was a hurricane in the forecast?

At any rate,  the trip revealed a truth about me…

I am a mountain girl. Did you gasp at that statement? Now, it’s not like I don’t like the beach, period. Occasionally, it’s a nice break. 

The sounds at the beach are lovely… the waves crashing, the wind whipping, kids laughing as they build sandcastles, even the occasional shriek when something unknown hits your foot underwater.

There’s usually good seafood at the beach and I’m all about that. But the beach slows me down… almost too much for my liking.

  • At first,  I love the opportunity to just sit but sitting for long isn’t really my thing.
  • It’s usually too windy to read and to sandy to sit with my laptop and create.
  • I love the sun but I hate being hot. I can’t focus when it’s hot. 
  • I love the feel of sand in my toes but not the layer of suntan lotion and sand that’s left on my body. One of my favorite things about the beach is the shower at the end of the day. I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to be a favorite part. 

I like the way the mountains make me feel..

  • Creative
  • Ready to write
  • Excited to explore
  • Active
  • I feel strong and my mind feels clear and present.

My mom always told me “There’s a time and a place for everything…” and she’s right. 

So I’ll continue to take trips to the beach with people I love but given the choice, I like the mountain-energized me better, that’s all.