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Trip 11: I could live here

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In just a few years my daughter will be going off to college. Hold on, I have to take a moment. 3 years is all she’s got left of high school. So I love that this travel journey to visit 50 places I’ve never been the year I turn 50 involves spending a little extra time with her. She can’t hole up in her room watching Netflix when there are things to explore!

Wilmington is actually a college town (home to UNC Wilmington). I tend to like the vibes of a college town and this was no different. I must have said at least 5 times, ‘Hey Sid, maybe you should go to school here!’ I loved the town, the houses, the location.. Really, I could live there! I probably said that at least 5 times too. Oh wait, maybe that’s why she wasn’t too receptive to my idea about going to school there. Perhaps she was afraid I meant I actually would move there if she went to school there! LOL

It’s got a little of everything. Good food. Beautiful scenery, Wrightsville, Carolina and Kure Beach are all within a 30-minute drive. The downtown is really charming. We spent most of our time there. Here’s a look at the crab dip I ate in 30 seconds it was so good, the best shopping, great coffee, and the Museum of the Bizarre.