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Trip 5: Small touches in Palm Springs

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Every trip is a lesson. It’s like God is trying to talk to me with every stop on these 50 places I’ve never been the year I turn 50.

In Vermont, he told me to let go of control.  

In Key West, he reminded me of who I am. 

In Miami, he showed me that things don’t always go as planned and that doesn’t make it bad. Just different. 

In Tennessee, he showed me big isn’t always better.

Now, on trip 5 I am reminded that small touches matter.

For this trip, I traveled with my friend Jill, who happens to be a professional vacation chef. 

Yeah, you know I ate some good food on this one! Thank you Elmore’s for breakfast!

Jill and I had never traveled together before this. In fact, for as much as we are friends,  we are both so busy we don’t get to see each other much. 

At the airport, Jill handed me a bag packed with snacks for the flight: mints, nuts, candy, chips, an apple and a banana.

It was the kind of small touch I’d seen her demonstrate time and time again for clients but this time it was for me. She even included a prayer card in the bag that said ‘Where God Guides, He Provides ‘. (For the record she said she pulled it out of a prayer card stack randomly. I think it’s a sign.)

Anyway, we stayed at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel. I am a Marriott Bonvoy member so when I don’t know where else to stay, I check local Marriott options. 

They offered free bottle waters whenever you wanted one. Another small touch for which I was grateful. (I mean, have you ever had to pay for bottled water in a hotel? It’s like a bajillion dollars!)

We didn’t waste time heading to a local icon for dinner and drinks. The patio (best seat in the house) at The Tropicale was lovely.

Well placed mood lighting and outdoor heaters lined the energetic space (and by 8pm it gets REALLY energetic!). You can still sit outside when its Winter in the desert! And do yourself a favor and get the espresso martini!!

At the local hangout, John Henry’s (we’re told its the best dining secret in town), we witnessed a small touch that keeps people coming back for more. 

See how they have little white lights in the trees? Well for every birthday they turn off all the lights and sing Happy Birthday. EVERYONE in the restaurant takes part.  There were not one but five birthday celebrations that night!  Oh and I recommend the Escargot. I can almost smell the buttery garlic just looking at the picture!

Palm Springs is a modernist mecca. The architecture and landscape look like something out of the mind of  Dr. Suess.

It was actually Modernism Week while we were there! I would describe Palm Springs as Mid-Century Modern architecture, colorful, and eclectic. Take The Saguaro Hotel. It is literally all of those things with small touches in the lobby like these bikes for people staying there!

You can even get breakfast (at 10am) poolside! Sidenote: I would have liked to try the Huitlacoche Aioli. It’s pronounced whee-tla-KO-cheh. You might see it called corn mushroom, corn smut or Mexican truffle. Basically, it is a fungus, which randomly grows on organic corn (not sprayed with any fungicide). Weird, maybe, but I think it sounds fun to try.

Here’s the thing about small touches. They are just enough to make the person on the receiving end feel special, like someone was thinking about you. For a moment, life doesn’t feel so hard. Small touches leave a big impression.

Speaking of big impressions….

One of the highlights of the trip was the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. If you are ever in the area this is a MUST DO. You can see it for yourself on my video recap I’ll be putting together (subscribe so you don’t miss out). It is legit rugged beauty up close and personal.

The small touches on this trip extended back home where a snow day, my daughter, and an anxious dog kept my village busy. 

Funny true text from my friend “I’m trying to eat my emotions and your house is not cooperating” 

It’s true, in my flurry of travels this month my house was a mess and the pantry was plain sad. So you know what two of my friends did? They bought me a few groceries to get me through the first several days back at home!

Then as I was trying to come out of my East-West time zone haze… another friend sent me the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever gotten!  

All small touches that meant the world to this traveling, single, working mama trying to juggle a lot of balls at once.