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Trip 24: It’s all in the perspective

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Funny how perspective changes when you look at something from a different angle… Maybe that color on the wall hits differently… or the solution to a problem seems obvious.

I was reminded of this when I walked BEHIND a waterfall on our trip to Highlands, NC.

  • From the front the waterfall created the perfect cascade of crystal clear water.
  • From behind you could feel the winds at work on mother nature’s performance. 
  • From the front it looked like the water was falling in deep sheets.
  • From behind the water didn’t look nearly as deep.

Dry Falls is simply awesome. And walking behind it, made it even more so.

If you love the idea of experiencing a waterfall but don’t like the idea of really hiking to one then Dry Falls is for you. It’s easy to access from the road. There are some steep steps to the bottom but it’s worth it. 

If you enjoy camping, the Van Hook Glade Campground is just minutes away. This campground was great! Clean and small. Nice bathrooms. Perfect for parking our sleeper van.

Just down the road is another falls, Brida Veil Falls. In my opinion, it’s more of a large trickle but you can get close to it just by pulling over on the side of the road. It does make for some good pics.

The town of Highlands might be one of my favorite places in the state. There’s enough shopping to make an entire day of it. 

It’s also home to the romantic and charming, Old Edwards Inn and Spa. Its European elegance meets North Carolina Mountain beauty. Located in the heart of town, it is a MUST! If you can’t afford to stay there then go for lunch or dinner. We had an amazing lunch and a delightful glass of wine at The Wine Garden. It’s simply gorgeous. My daughter can’t stop talking about the chicken salad croissant. 

We were there during an art festival in the park. Bonus! We went to see the handiwork of a fellow camper we met who was from Bryson City. Jan Kleinrath makes cool bags and backpacks. ​​

I’m already planning a girls trip in the Highlands because I loved it so much! So so cute! Definitely need to take advantage of the Old Edwards Spa next time.  It would also be a great place for couples. 

Just outside of town between Highlands and Cashiers is Reclamationsan Architectural Salvage and Antique store that will keep your imagination busy for hours!

Gorges State Park in Transylvania County is another area with multiple waterfalls including a lesser-known natural waterslide. The moderate hike required to reach Turtleback Falls or Umbrella Falls makes it a better option for older kids and adults.   

After 3 days in the sleeper van, we knocked off 7 waterfalls around the state. 

Only hundreds and hundreds to go…

Oh, and now my daughter (who was convinced by Instagram that living in a van would be cool) thinks she needs at least a bus if she’s going to live on the road for a year…. See, it’s all in the perspective.