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Pay attention, people!

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I never paid any attention to the lock screen photos on my computer. That is until I started planning the 50 places I want to go the year I turn 50. Suddenly those Microsoft stock photos on my PC had me interested every time I went to log on. So many beautiful colors and stunning landscapes right there in front of me.

It was almost like my computer was holding flashcards in front of my face, asking me yes or no? All I had to do was click on the incredible water cave or city tucked away in the mountains for more information.

That’s when I first saw The Wave. Of course, once I googled it I wondered how could I have not seen this before? It’s listed in story after story of most beautiful places to visit, best hikes, etc. This time I paid attention. Where was this extreme looking piece of earth? I didn’t even know.

Turns out, it wasn’t in some far off place in a foreign country! It was right here in the U.S. OK I’m going to have to do some more looking around before I finalize my list of places to go. If I make the list based only on what I know I might be missing something like The Wave, which, by the way, is no doubt going on my list.

My friend Kiersten is going with me on that one. She’s already called dibs as my 13-year-old daughter would say (evidently kids are still calling dibs in 2018). Kiersten is my adventure friend. She blogs about her family travel adventures on her blog Hiking in My Flip Flops. Follow her. You’ll love her family as much as I do. Our conversations often start with “Hey I’ve got an idea…” and before you know it a new plan is hatched for the next thing to do. We’ve gone camping and hiking with our families. We’ve done all kinds of adventure type races and a half marathon at Disney. If you don’t have an adventure friend I highly recommend it.

Since that fateful day when the Wave appeared like a sign on my computer, I’ve learned getting to The Wave is more ruckus than you might expect. The Park Service limits the number of people who can hike it every day. There’s a lottery to even be able to go. We will have to submit our application months before we hope to make the trip. It’s a bit of a crapshoot really.  Truth be told, the sheer challenge of it makes me want to go even more(Those who know me won’t find that shocking).  According to everyone who has ever seen it in person though, it is totally worth it! God does some pretty amazing work on this planet.

OK none of that was the point of this post.

What I wanted to say is that it’s important we pay attention to what’s in front of us at all times. Don’t wait for a trip or a crisis to pay attention to what is around you.

There is a reason God puts things right in front of us.

Take notice… or you might be missing something really good and beautiful.