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Follow my journey with updates and behind the scenes photos from the places I visit, travel hacks I learn along the way and what it’s really like to cram a lifetime of travel into 1 year!

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Mile Marker 50

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Mile Marker 50 For 25 years I did not have one dream that was solely my own. Not one. Jobs, vacations, projects around the house—my dreams revolved around my husband and eventually my child. Some people may think there’s nothing wrong with that and cheer my dedication to my family. Others may think ‘How sad.’…

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Why Mile Marker 50

We all have mile markers that profoundly shape the way we see the world. What matters is how you choose to rise above them. My mile marker was the perfect storm: the end of my 23- year marriage, a change in career, and a daughter becoming a teenager all while I was staring at 50. I needed to set my sights on a better future. Now I’m traveling to 50 places I’ve never been the year I turn 50…

It feels good to have my own dream!
Let’s make reinvention fun!
What will you do with your mile marker?

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